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The Best Grand Canyon Aerial Tours
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A truly breathtaking experience

The Grand Canyon scenic flights

All across the globe, people know of the Grand Canyon as a place to see nature at its finest. It is where nature crafted a beautiful work of art, something vast and incredible. It gets our imagination working and it gives us the chance to see life in a new way.
While seeing all of it on the ground is great, it is not the perfect option.

If you want to see the Grand Canyon, then you have to go by plane or helicopter.

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Grand Canyon aerial tours offer a view that you cannot get in any other way. It gives you the chance to see the true beauty of it and to look deep into every aspect of it. There is no denying the magnificence of the Grand Canyon.

From the moment you step near it, you find yourself filled with wonder and amazement. You feel tiny next to it. You want to see every little corner of this immense natural beauty. Seeing all of that by plane or helicopter is easier. Instead of driving up to the canyon, getting out, waiting around with others, and then taking your picture, you can get a new look at it. You can see the depth of the Grand Canyon, and you can see how far it reaches. It gives you a great bird's eye view on what nature can do - from the best seat you can get into.

Grand Canyon scenic flights will have you speechless.

Even if you have visited the Grand Canyon before, you have never visited in such a way.
Grand Canyon aerial tours get you well above the ground. You can see the shadows and the dips, and you can see every little corner of the Grand Canyon. At this height, you will see the Grand Canyon in its true glory. It will easily beat out any other view that you have had here.
No matter how many times you have visited, none of them compare to a flight above the Grand Canyon.

Safety first

The best part about these aerial tours is that they remain comfortable and safe. While you are above a large piece of land, there are no worries.
By airplane or helicopter, you will remain safe during your entire trip in the air.
The focus of all Grand Canyon scenic flight operators is to provide a high quality, safe trip into the skies.
It takes just a little time but is incredibly fun in the process.

Grand Canyon Aerial Tours

Discover the beauty of the Grand Canyon - by helicopter or airplane..
We have collected the very best helicopter and airplane tours around the Grand Canyon.

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Grand Canyon South Rim Airplane Tour

South Rim Airplane Tour
Plan to arrive at the Grand Canyon South airport 30 minutes prior to your flight departure for check-in. A perfect adventure for individuals and families, your flight runs approximately 40 - 45 minutes. All seats offer picture perfect viewing of: Zuni Corridor, Imperial Point, Confluence of the Colorado, Little Colorado River, Kaibab National Forest and Kaibab Plateau.

Our panoramic tours allow you to enjoy over a dozen breathtaking sites that a ground trip just cannot cover.

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